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At Blue Ridge Dentistry of Simpsonville, SC, you will discover quality services and a high-standard of care that you cannot find at any other practice in the Simpsonville, SC area. We offer standard general treatments, plus specialized care for more specific or extensive dental needs. By utilizing the latest in dental technology, we truly put you, your needs, and your comfort first. And no matter the level of dental care you need, our team will educate you on best practices for keeping your smile healthy and beautiful even after you have left our office!


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Family & Restorative Services

Routine Teeth Cleanings & Exams

In order to maintain the best possible dental and oral health, it is important to schedule routine teeth cleanings and exams at least twice a year. We remove plaque and tartar from the teeth that, left untreated, can result in decay and gum disease. We also examine the smile for any signs of developing cavities, gum disease and oral cancer. If you need to make changes to your dental hygiene routine, we provide suggestions for you.


Root canal therapy is necessary when a tooth has a large cavity or infection that has permeated to the nerve. Dr. Stenvall will remove the infected pulp and disinfect the inside of the tooth before restoring it with a crown to seal out bacteria and prevent further damage.

Periodontal Care

We can address all of your needs when it comes to your gums and surrounding tooth structures. When not properly taken care of, the gums can become irritated, resulting in gingivitis. When left untreated, gingivitis can develop into periodontitis, a painful infection that may result in tooth loss. That’s why it is so important to keep your gums as clean and healthy as possible.

In a procedure called scaling and root planing, we can deep clean beneath the gumline to remove any harmful bacteria. Then, the roots of the teeth are smoothed out so that the gums can properly adhere to them, creating a barrier against further infection.


A dental implant is a titanium post that is inserted into the gums, and once it fuses to the jawbone, it creates the foundation for a crown restoration. At this point, it looks like and functions as a real tooth.

But what if you are missing multiple teeth, or even all of your teeth? All-on-four implants can replace all of your top and bottom teeth, using just four dental implants. Four posts are inserted in strategic areas along the jaw, and those implants are used to support a prosthetic device that recreates an entire row of teeth. Think of it like dentures, but held securely in place by four titanium screws. With all-in-four, it is possible to achieve a full, naturally beautiful smile, even if you are missing all of your teeth!

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays allow us to diagnose developing decay and other dental health problems that cannot be viewed during a visual exam. Plus, digital x-rays emit significantly less radiation than traditional x-rays and produce images much quicker.


If you have a cavity, we will remove the decay and restore in the tooth with a tooth-colored composite filling. A tooth-colored filling strengthens the tooth, protects it from further decay, and blends in seamlessly with the rest of your smile.


If your tooth has a larger cavity that cannot be restored with a filling, or you need a root canal, we will restore the tooth with a crown. A crown is a tooth-colored cap that is placed over the existing tooth to restore its strength and appearance.


A bridge is a device that is cemented to the teeth to serve as a replacement for a missing tooth. The bridge consists of crowns that are placed on the teeth adjacent to the gap, and these crowns are connected to an abutment that is placed in the gap. A bridge is more secure and stable than dentures and looks natural in the smile.

Dentures & Partials

Dentures are removable devices that can be used to replace a whole row of teeth, while partials are used to replace a few teeth. We create your dentures after taking an impression of your smile, to ensure they will fit snugly and comfortably.

Tooth Extractions

If your tooth is broken or decayed beyond repair, an extraction is performed. After the extraction, we will discuss your options for replacing the tooth, which include dentures, a bridge, or dental implants.

Specialty Services

Orofacial Pain & TMJ

Dr. Stenvall specializes in treating orofacial pain and TMJ. Problems with your jaw can lead to clicking and popping in the temporomandibular joints (connecting the jaw to the skill), muscle pain, and headaches. If you are experiencing these symptoms, Dr. Stenvall will examine your jaw, make a diagnosis, and provide you with a treatment plan. Treatments include pain medication, mouth guards, and physical therapy. In severe cases that don’t respond to these treatments, surgery may be necessary.

Orthodontic Treatment

If you want a more aligned smile but don’t want to wear braces, clear aligners are a great choice. We create a series of sets of aligners. Each set is to be worn for about two weeks before moving on to the next set. These aligners are specifically designed to gradually shift your teeth into the correct position. The best part is that the aligners are virtually invisible and can be removed to eat, drink, and brush your teeth!

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is more than just snoring. It is condition that causes one to stop breathing for brief periods of time during sleep. Someone with sleep apnea may wake up many times throughout the night without even knowing it. They will wake up feeling fatigued and may struggle with irritability, memory trouble, difficulty focusing, morning headaches, and even high blood pressure or other more serious health problems.

If you are suffering from sleep apnea, we can create an oral device that allows the jaw to protrude forward, opening up the airways. Wear this at night for improved, easier breathing and a more restful sleep, for you and your family!

Cosmetic Services

Teeth Whitening

If you aren’t happy with the shade of your smile, don’t resort to over-the-counter strips and gels that aren’t precise or effective. We offer a take-home whitening solution for our patients to achieve that Hollywood-worthy smile they have always wanted. This is the best method for the brightest and longest outcomes.

We will provide you a with a bleaching gel and trays created to fit your top and bottom teeth. Apply the bleach-filled trays to the teeth for about half an hour per day for two weeks. Enjoy the confidence that comes from a vibrantly whiter smile!

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are super-thin porcelain shells that are bonded to the front of your existing teeth. They can completely transform the appearance of your smile, whether you want to cover up a gap in between your front teeth or you have a chip in your tooth. Nearly any imperfection can be remedied with veneers, which are designed and fabricated to meet your specific needs!

Other Services

  • Esthetic Bonding
  • Tooth-Colored Crowns

State-of-the-Art Technology

At our practice, we are committed to using the most innovative equipment to help you have as comfortable and enjoyable of an experience as possible.

  • Digital x-rays significantly reduce the amount of radiation patients are exposed to
  • Electric handpieces help reduce sensitivity post treatment and create less noise than traditional instruments
  • Intraoral cameras help accurately diagnose problems and teach patients about their dental and oral health

Our services are designed to make it easy for you to get the smile you have always wanted. Contact us today at 864-963-7237 and schedule an appointment!

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